Abegunrin Gideon
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Ade started having the big things in life quite early. After getting to the peak of his educational pursuit at 25, he started his career as a big man, a doctor of philosophy at his age seem arguable. Immediately he got back from abroad, he got a job in one of the multinationals as a director. His office availed him the opportunity of having his own house, an official car, paid vacation outside the country, health benefits for all members of his family.
With the trajectory of his future set on a positive note, he got married to the love of his life. Money might not be all in life but the grandeur that came with the wedding cannot be appositely typified. Life was indeed answering to them as they made bold business moves, sealed exclusive deals and steadily defied the Norms.
His best friend, beaten, broke, battered and frustrated at life thought about all his friends had achieved. At his age, the only achievement to his credit was his university degree. With years wasted due to unemployment, he compared his life to that of his friend and he knew he was not at par.
He asked his friend the reason behind his talismanic career growth and the friend confided in him that he has a man that helped him. With a curious mind desirous of answers as to why he could not break even, they left to the man’s place.
He, in the company of his friend, drove to a secluded part in a village where the man looking tattered welcome them into the dimly lit room. Fumes from various concoctions spiralled into the air as they manoeuvred their way inside. With few chants of deictic panegyric, the old man adulated the gods. He was beckoned on to present his case and he told the old man the reason for his visit. The man consulted the gods and he told him that he will need to come again with his wife’s urine to perfect his case. The wife thereafter will be struck with a terrible illness and the more Ill she fell, the more his wealth will increase.
He thought about it for a moment but he nodded as a sign of affirmation. He lied about a trip to an expensive resort where entry can only be guaranteed by certifying that certain health standards were met. He got the urine and ran to the old man. The old man poured the urine into a clay pot, added some herbs and placed it on fire. He was ordered to take a sip out of the dirty looking mix. He took it with a squeeze on his face and loudly the man retorted, you are now rich.
Henceforth, he warned attempt big things, dream big, work hard, be bold, audacious and confident. It’s an aberration to think less of yourself henceforth he warned sternly.
He dipped his hands into his pocket to thank the old man but the man turned his offer down. The gods won’t tolerate such.
To his utter chagrin, he spoke with more confidence, started sealing big deals, built better businesses, met great personalities. He was getting wide appeal from far and near. Baba’s potency cannot be diminished he thought.
But afterwards, his wife didn’t fall sick, she was hale and hearty. He drove in the company of his friend to the old man’s hut to thank him and inquire what the case might be.
The man heaved with a deep sigh saying "Kosi Ogun awure toju igboya lo" meaning there’s no potent charm for fortune apart from confidence. He opined that the wife will not fall sick and that he did nothing. He only tried to do that to boost his chi and confidence.
Humans need a tiny shove to strengthen their resolve and build their faith he remarked. He went on enjoying the bliss that came with his confidence.

Abegunrin Gideon

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