The vehicle grind to a halt at the gate of his house, he had a bad day at his workplace and much pressure was on him. The daring thought that he has a deadline to meet on Friday preoccupied his mind as he’s left with two days to meet up. With an incredulous look on his face, he garnered strength and drove inside his compound. He’s not the social type and he hardly passes time with anything. His whole life has been so humdrum that his routine was well regimented. He wakes each day, attends to his work, and during midweek, attend church meetings. He had a good rapport with ladies in the past but it all went South. At the peak of his relationship, the ladies took to their heels. He could not keep up with the shame again and he decided to slow down on his quest to get a wife. Light yeats after, as nature would work its course, He met a gorgeous lady at the banking hall and they vibed real quick. Since he has been at the brink of repeated searches over time, he made his move and the lady gave her contact.
They agreed to meet at one of the popular restaurants in town. He dressed up like a gentleman and ordered a bottle of wine whilst he waited for the lady. The lady walked in with the mien of a queen, her gown slightly revealing her curvy figures. The curves were a sight to behold and it sent emotional spasm down his spine. He rose to welcome her and they ordered food and chatted through the night. They seem to be in sync as their thoughts aligned. He took her home that night and she wanted him to spend the night with her. Being a Christian, he came up with theistic excuses about how ungodly it is for a brother to spend a night with a sister.
The sister too had her past and she had gory tales at the behest of guys. She has been in several relationships in time past which did not work out. Seeing such a level of denial to preserve each other’s body till the night of marriage strengthened her resolve to love the guy more. They were seeing each other and their meetup was devoid of the normal perks of a relationship. They did not kiss, they did not handle, they did not taste. It was a smooth ride as they made plans for their wedding. The wedding was the talk of the town, the glitz that came with the wedding was superb. They left the wedding reception for their honeymoon at a luxury resort far away from public glare. The excitement was visible in the eyes of the lady as she could not wait to have her husband in her. The long wait must come to an end tonight she retorted. They drove in the company of the husband's friend who left them afterward. The concierge took their belongings to their room which had a view of the sea in sight. They prayed and gisted about the wedding till it was night. The fatigue from the dance session had drained them.
She woke up delighted to see her husband pleasuring her sensual faculties but the more energy he puts in, the more flaccid he became. This is bad news at the wee hours of their wedding. They kept on trying but he could not sustain an erection. This continued for long but did not deter them from being lovers. They went for medical tests which also proved that nothing was wrong. They prayed and hoped earnestly for a miracle which took till eternity. None shall be barren says the Holy book but the promise was not fulfilled in their life, were they serving God wrongly or is he giving them the just recompense for their misdemeanors in the past. He has seen through the eyes of faith that everything that pertains to life is with God only. The lady too unflinching in her faith resolve trusted in God who is able to make all things beautiful in its time. She muttered repeatedly to herself with the bold resolve that what God has said concerning them Will come to fruition.
The following day as they worshipped in church, the guest minister prophesied that God is giving people new organs. That word of wisdom was so timely and apt, they worshipped God by faith for coming through. They held on to the word boldly declaring, Let God be true. They steadfastly believed the word and it was their succor throughout their challenging time.
In the tenth year after their wedding, God’s vital energy brought to life the man’s body and they got the good news that they were expecting a baby. The joy written on their faces could not be appositely typified. They lived afterward with more conviction that faith brings reality to bear. A little ounce of faith will not kill, all you ever need is just that little faith.


A researcher with a forte for scholarly writings. He is adept in the design and implementation of trans-disciplinary research procedure and data management.

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Abegunrin Gideon

A researcher with a forte for scholarly writings. He is adept in the design and implementation of trans-disciplinary research procedure and data management.