Abegunrin Gideon
2 min readJan 16, 2023

Core values

Survival is proof of adaptation, and humans would do anything to survive. This was the reality of early men as they explored the environment for survival. This is also the situation of most people living abroad, and most days, they go above and beyond to make ends meet. With the need to pay bills, which never ends, and the drive to satisfy those at home, people engage in all sorts of activities just to make money. I was caught in the web of this, and on some days, I had to work as a steward at concerts, stadiums, festivals, and games.

It was a bright summer afternoon, and I was already in position manning a barricade at the Harry Styles concert at the prestigious Old Trafford stadium. My fake-safety shoes, despite being made by Nike, gleamed from the fine polishing I had done on them. I donned my high-visibility jacket with pride and positioned myself with the mien of a gentleman. Everywhere you work is your office, and I motivated myself.

The job description was simple, just beam smiles at people and redirect them based on their ticket. Also, notify medical personnel when there`s an issue. At the end of the shift, I will max out a few pounds for myself. I did this with joy, smiling sheepishly at guests as they arrived, and I had to redirect others based on their tickets. It was also an avenue to appreciate God`s art made perfect in the body of ladies as they came in summer dresses. Some who were not supposed to be at that spot were also redirected, and I won’t budge even though it came with some perks.

But as I was relieved to man another spot, the guy that took over had the privilege of an accent, and he was naturally appealing to the ladies. They smiled, and at the grease of his palms, he allowed those who were not meant to be at that spot in, and this continued. Before the shift was over, the guy had amassed a small fortune for himself. Bribery is not unique to some people, as I had assumed; it occurs everywhere, even in more civilized settings.

Even though it was an avenue for me to make more money, I didn’t jettison my core values for money, though it was not easy. What are you known for? Honesty, truth, respect, courtesy, love, etc. These are all good virtues that time won’t erase. Even though we live in a world that might not reward these values, you would go home knowing that you helped preserve these values. There is no limit to satisfying human desires, and people will go to great lengths to make more money. Humans are driven by greed, and this shows in their engagement with and interaction with other people. Such is our plight, and even though we will always be in need, we need to uphold our core values.

Abegunrin Gideon

A researcher with a forte for scholarly writings. He is adept in the design and implementation of trans-disciplinary research procedure and data management.