As the gurney sauntered down the pavement of the isolation center, moments of his life flashed before his very eyes. With pangs of pain-numbing his body and his inability to breathe easily, he gasped for breath intermittently. The breathing difficulty continued as he languished in pain. Ventilators were thinly spread among those in a dire situation as his. How he will live through this ordeal became menacing to him.

Life was indeed fair to him. He had cars, investments, and a good job. While maintaining excellence in his profession, he never thought he will be struck with a blow of relief soon. He decided to log in to his work portfolio and he had been logged out. No prior notice from the management. Alas, Nigeria has gotten to him.

Not minding the situation at hand. He managed to breathe and with each breath searing through his body like a laser cut. The cough worsened and he beckoned to those around him for help. The fully decked medical team lifted him to the stretcher and in quick time he was connected to the ventilator. He heaved a sigh of relief as his breath gained balance in a quick time.

Each moment became so precious to him at the behest of death. The euphoria of the good life he had became his vivid imagination. How he came in contact with the virus was a mystery unsolvable to him. He had maintained and adhered to all safety rules to the extent that his house oozes like a sanitizing hub.

But the novel virus was more dexterous than anybody could imagine. He remembered how his girlfriend, an asymptomatic front-line health worker visited two weeks prior to the now. How they made out and enjoyed the company of each other. They were both asymptomatic and the virus had devoured their immune system before the situation became critical.

Life kicked out of his bones as the machine beeped at a high pitch. The nurses came but found a little pulse, checked his vitals and he had not flat-lined. A fighter you are, they retorted. In a defining moment that can’t be explained, he jolted back to life with the energy of a stallion. A miracle indeed to the chagrin of everyone around, he recuperated and tested negative twice to the virus.

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