With much fanfare and ardor, the bearers conveyed that which typified deity around the street, and joy was visibly registered on the faces of all that graced the event. That which was lost to the enemies had been recovered and people came out en masse to celebrate. Strokes from the traditional drums echoed in high sonorousity as this event was a major milestone in the town's history. The king led the train and other members of the royal family followed suit. Those gifted in calisthenics entertained the crowd and to their chagrin, they watched with great admiration.

But as the train proceeded, one of the elements conveying the sacred chest tripped, and to save the day, a member of the royal guard made a gesture to save the symbolic element from falling. He was struck at such boldness to help the one that can’t be helped. Instantly, he gave up the ghost. An event of loud cheer and fanfare assumed a somber mood and fear was sent to the heart of those that attended.

The menace created by the symbolic element brought about trouble in the land and the king looked for avenues to let go. That which brought joy to the heart of men days before the mishap became an object of disdain seeing how such an element led to the death of a man. People deserted the symbol of divinity and the king sought where it can be dumped.

To prevent a further mishap, the symbol of divinity was dropped in the house of a humble servant and this was done to put an end to his travails since he could not meet societal standards. The expectation was that a few days after they dropped it, the man would give up the ghost but the symbol of divinity acted antithetical to their thought.

Within a space of three months, the servant left for dead assumed a turnaround so much that the symbol of divinity was taken from his house. The man became so blessed that he became the envy of all and the symbol of divinity was taken from his house and brought back into town. The events of our life are orchestrated such that with time, humans can change levels. But as we go out this day, let us be conscious of the presence of God. We shall win.


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Abegunrin Gideon

A researcher with a forte for scholarly writings. He is adept in the design and implementation of trans-disciplinary research procedure and data management.