Elections in Nigeria are generally characterized by tension owing to the past pre-electoral and post-electoral uproar that has been a major part of our polity. But much more than this, the right to take part in the conduct of public affairs which includes the right to vote and to stand for election is the core of democratic government predicated on the will of the people. It affords people the opportunity to take their destiny into their own hands by electing those that would be in charge in a political dispensation.

Being in a political position is good given the perks that come with it, but much more than this is the sincere desire to contribute to the betterment of the citizenry and ensure that their concerns are attended to. The choice of leaders is vested with the citizens, and by casting their votes, they can decide who will lead them. The 2022 gubernatorial election was held on June 18th and, according to the foremost body for electoral matters in Nigeria, INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission), the candidate of the All-Progressive Congress, Biodun Oyebanji, was declared the winner of the Ekiti State Governorship election with a total vote of 187057 as evidenced in the dashboard above. Other candidates and closest rivals from the SDP (Social Democratic Party) Segun Oni had 82211 votes, while the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party), candidate, Bisi Kolawole had 67457, and 13 other parties participated in the election.

The dashboard below shows a breakdown of results from the APC, SDP, and PDP by Local Government Areas, and it also shows the valid votes (351865) and the rejected votes (8888), which culminated in 360753 as the total votes cast. Across all categories, the bulk of the vote came from the state capital (Ado-Ekiti). Though the election was adjudged free and fair, there were reports of votes buying in some areas, this is a testament to the poverty in the land and it is therefore recommended that there should be more sensitization on elections devoid of coercion and necessary punishment must be meted out to those caught in the act.



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