If man has any fundamental right, the right to know is certainly his to own and over time, man has built edifices of knowledge from mastery of forethought, books, common knowledge, social institutions, and from the sages. This transfer of knowledge to man implies that he acquired information from others with a strong belief in them and most time without verifying the veracity of such information.

The crux of man’s knowledge and belief lies in taking without verification from elders, parents, teachers, books. When a student is under the tutelage of his teacher, he takes in concepts under the authority of his master without due recourse for verification. Though it will be menacing to everyone and knowledge will be starved if we do not rationalize concepts and facts on the authority of those superior to us.

Our mental makeup is not the same and everyone fashions his thoughts along the lines he believes in, most concepts are open to verification, so also many opinions and beliefs which man has accepted in good authority cannot be verified. People at all time have been coerced or expected to accept from a higher authority that which cannot be verified. Most beliefs about men that were not established on a verifiable empirical basis have been protected by religious and social interest.

Little wonder, coming out to disprove scientific concept garners less attention compared to speaking against our deified authorities. The key to the right knowledge comes from disproving daily the wealth of accumulated knowledge we have gained over time and subjecting them to verification. In order to know more, you must believe that everything you know is wrong.


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Abegunrin Gideon

A researcher with a forte for scholarly writings. He is adept in the design and implementation of trans-disciplinary research procedure and data management.