Abegunrin Gideon
2 min readJan 10, 2021


Amongst gleeful cheer, before a massive crowd reveling in a defining moment of historical significance, the president and his entourage came into town. The presidential motorcade had in its fleet three Mercedes Maybach S650, two decoys and the other as the official presidential vehicle, some range rovers, Prado jeeps, vehicles for healthcare, the press, security, route-clearing, and others. The fleet navigated the route to the villa where they finally made a stop. At both sides of the road were stern-looking men, fully kitted in their military outfit.

This noble day represents a day of freedom for all and the insignia of honor was mounted on one of the presidential vehicles which brought in the president. As the vehicles moved, armed guards followed. The president was unconventional and unassuming, he maintains a demeanor that shows cheerfulness and appreciation at all times. The people welcomed him into the villa with loud cheer and ovation. To their utmost chagrin, he walked out grandiosely out of the presidential Maybach, took few steps to where the insignia of honor was and made a careless attempt to dance to the songs blazing at high crescendo from the mounted speakers.

At the sight of the insignia of freedom, he threw caution to the wind, danced around the sacred element till he finally removed his royal apparel. The presidential guards wanted to cordon people from having access to the president but he gave them a stern look and they obliged the people. He danced with them to the utter amazement of all.

The first lady beckoning from the presidential penthouse looked down and saw her husband, the president getting down in dance, with sheer discontent for what the president was doing, she rebuffed him but the president did not flinch. A higher authority from above became jealous at such act, he was delighted at the dance and shout made by the president and his people, he became exalted when such came to him unmoderated. In his fury, he shut the womb of the wife of the president.

Abegunrin Gideon

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