And the third day, the banquet hall of Eko hotels and suite was filled with various shades of people from the upper echelon of the society. The splendor and grandeur that greets you as you approach attest to its magnificence. Uncommon automobiles brought in guests and guards with stern gazes ushered them in. Decked in flowing agbada and kaftans, it spoke volume about their taste for the good life. No pseudonym could describe their person other than the popular Yoruba angel. The wedding was indeed the talk of the town.

A God in human flesh he is and a little dose of social function will not diminish his personality. By virtue of his influence and affluence, he was invited to the wedding. In company of that uncouth aid, he went with others. He has a personality that evinces miracle everywhere he went and events were always orchestrated to prove his prowess.

The unusual happened at a time when the ceremony was ongoing. Wine got exhausted and the event planners were in a dire strait. The air surrounding the room was cold and awry. The possibility that wine finished in such a high class wedding brought about shame to the organizers. Hoping to get a quick fix out of this mess, they sought help from his mother who turned them down with a caveat to obey him.

He out of humility gave them an instruction to fill the bottles of wine with water and draw to the governor of the event. No special prayer was rendered, no waving of magic wand, no apostolic gymnastic. As they drew the water out and gave it to the chairman of the event, it responded to his words and the unusual happened. It became wine.

Faith is not potent until it’s foolish, drawing water out in the guise of wine to give to the chairman sounds foolish but every word spoken in faith has the capacity to alter the course of event. A little ounce of faith will not kill.

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