It was a bright morning, the day broke mildly beneath the azure main. He hurriedly prepared for work since his office is on the island. He paced around trying to get his files and other official materials he will need for the day. He picked a neatly ironed shirt and dropped it at the back seat of his car. If he made any attempt to dress, he might not be able to beat the traffic.
The moment he stepped outside, tiny strands of cobwebs hurtle from above, immediately a cold chill trickled down his spine. He has heard how seeing cobwebs in your line of walk spells doom for people. The sight of the cobweb resonated with what he has heard and he became dejected immediately.
He went to work with that dull spirit, the moment he stepped into his office, his colleagues noticed the awful aura surrounding him. He was dis-spirited and couldn’t attend properly to his work schedule. His daily key performance indicators were not met.
With that dull mien, he continued till he could not focus properly. His boss noticed too and he was summoned. He was questioned on what perturbed him but he could not give a coherent answer, his routine was spoilt for the day. What he heard became a stronghold that controlled his thought pattern for the day.
What are you hearing, what shapes your paradigm? Over time, we have heard different tales about issues from people which formed and shaped our worldview. We have taken a cue from the realities of others which has shaped our paradigm. What do you believe in, what holds your thought pattern? Do you have the thought that once you see cobwebs your day is spoilt already? These are strongholds that tie us down, No power can hold you down if you don’t believe in such a paradigm.

A researcher with a forte for scholarly writings. He is adept in the design and implementation of trans-disciplinary research procedure and data management.