In this world we are, it’s a performative one where you will be judged by your ability to do, your physical outlook and so many other indices humans have used over the years to ensure peculiarity amongst many others. By such differing standards, we put people on various pedestals. Peculiar to our country is the divide between the poor and the rich.

Not an excuse for mediocrity but people are judged by their impetus to do things and this has been the reason for crass competition. Though they might not outrightly agree that they are trying to outdo the next guy, it is seen in their pursuit of things that matter in this world. To gain social acceptance and the esteem of men, we try to outpace others along the course of life.

This preoccupation with the struggle to win severs the mind and shuts the heart to the things which can be enjoyed. We are all on a quest to enjoy the big things of life while the big things are seemingly free or relatively inexpensive. The comfort of a good friendship, the ties that blood brings, the defining moments enjoyed in silence, the thrill of a connection with nature, the quietude of vacuum, the unseen breath in the nostrils are all that matters even though we have exalted the externalities above these.

Life in its full glare of complexity is at the lowest very simple if we could only internalize this. In your pursuit of greatness, enjoy each moment as it unfolds. You want to take that walk, take it, you want to write that book, write it, you like someone, tell such person, you want to play the piano, learn to play, you want to take time out to scream, please do but keep in mind the essence of moments enshrined in time. Have a nice week ahead.

A researcher with a forte for scholarly writings. He is adept in the design and implementation of trans-disciplinary research procedure and data management.