The process of learning the expectation of the society starts from the immediate family and it is called socialization. By the inflow of sight, sounds, and gestures the young kids take into his faculties vital concepts that are important to his overall growth and development in life. This has been the basis for differences between people as they tend to grow up and face life as individuals

While we were growing up, life was indeed on a plain of reason and people still had in them the consciousness of reasoning. With a life built on various evidence from what we see and hear, this fuelled in us a consciousness that can’t be compared to what we have now. While growing up, we had no cabled TV and we rely on the local station (OSBC BCOS AND OGTV) and thereafter NTA for all entertainment and educational programs. The station starts broadcasting by 4:45 pm in the evening with a rainbow-themed opening which typified that they are about to start for the day.

The broadcasting stations were characterized by various programs ranging from local and global news, entertainment, sports, technology, fashion, and some religious programs. With zest and enthusiasm, after a filled day at school, we stayed glued to the poorly lit cathode ray tube and we savored the thrill that those programs bring. From programs like Newsline, tales by moonlight, I need to know, Fuji House of commotion, Papa Ajasco, and company, Super story, Star quest, star trek, Star Mega Jam, Gulder ultimate search, Who wants to be a millionaire, Zain African challenge, African Idols, New dawn with Funmi Iyanda, MTN project fame, etc. Life was indeed good then and we were all socially conscious. My knowledge of global and local politics was shaped by listening to the likes of Cyril Stober and co. The good old days had in its contents that affected lives positively. After each moment of watching those programs, we catch up in school to discuss and argue logically what we learned.

Not until globalization happened and the impetus for commercialization increased. Decadence in content became commonplace. Various programs with zero contribution to sound knowledge came to the fore. It was indeed the era of bants and vibes. People were on a quest to make money and this led to the end of some shows that were pivotal in shaping the social consciousness of people. Who wants to be a millionaire ended, Zain African challenge ended, Gulder ultimate search ended. The new programs brought with its glitz and glamour without any drive to influence people positively, what is the rationale behind a show that promotes sex and obscene discourses? This led to a generation of youths that will only glorify sex and bants on TV.
There is a dire need to go back to contents like these to ensure that we raise youths that are socially sound and intellectually driven to encourage sound discourses. There is a need for corporate organizations to promote programs that will encourage sound reasoning and creativity. It is important to note that education doesn’t only happen in school, what the children see and hear influences them


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Abegunrin Gideon

A researcher with a forte for scholarly writings. He is adept in the design and implementation of trans-disciplinary research procedure and data management.