Abegunrin Gideon
3 min readOct 25, 2020

A first-class graduate brewing with excitement and vigor after graduation leaves for the National Youth Service program. The same energy in him while in school was still visible immediately he left the four walls of the academic institution. Intellection top-notch, high on the totem pole of street sense, he proceeded for the one-year mandatory youth service. Excellence was visible in him as he became the cynosure of all eyes in camp. After his three weeks stay in camp, he was posted to a primary school to teach English despite the fact that he studied engineering.
It appeared menacing to him to have been posted to a primary school despite his scholarly dexterity. Dejection sets in and in one fell swoop, his positive energy dwindled. He took solace in stimulating himself with hard drugs.
To cap it up, his insecurities were fueled by the ridiculous narrative of affluence circulating the internet. A simple Instagram cruise made him see his life as miserable. The unrealistic media hype got into his consciousness and exposed him to unrealistic standards he had to live up to. Daily, he became plagued with open-sourced insecurity, shame, and self-doubt.
As these constructs resonated with his mental faculties, he started reasoning that at 25, he should have gotten a car and house. These thoughts complexed him until he decided to take a bold step to put an end to his misery. After all, society does not care how you made it, all it wants is the result.
He met with a friend who was in the know as regards such a line of life. The friend advised him to slow down on his quest to become rich. All his pleading fell on deaf ears as he had made up his mind to find a way out of his misery. He properly understood the philosophical concept of free will and determinism. They consulted the friend’s Marabout who advise him to relax in his quest to become rich. He had made up his mind and was ready for the consequences of his actions. After presaging, he made a request for some materials that will be used. He did the rite for him and gave him some recital to read every seventh day of the month. Not keeping close tabs on numeric details, he went forward with the rites.
Like a jolt of rapid energy, money came to him and he became affluent within the twinkle of an eye. Like he had talismanic powers, all things turned around for him in a way he had never experienced. He was notable in a society enjoying the glitz and glamour of life.
Unbeknownst to him, numbers are significant in the transcendental world and seven came to the fore.
Seven years after his sudden wealth appeared, he started manifesting signs of hallucination. As he was well to do, he sought medical help abroad but all tests conducted showed that he was in the right frame of mind. As a result of his importunity, another series of tests were carried out on him with the same result. The routine became humdrum to the physicians who recommended that he should be taken back home.
He was flown back to the country and when his hallucinations lingered on, family members advised to go traditional. He consulted the man who did the rites for him seven years ago, the marabout later revealed that the kind of rite he did for him had a timeline and in the 7th year, he will give up the ghost or display signs of madness on the seventh day of the month. He had to opt for the latter.
When that time of the month is imminent, he will travel to a region where he’s not known and hallucinate for a day. This routine continued for a long time until he could not bear the stench that came with his ill-gotten wealth. He decided to take the leeway out of shame and he committed suicide.
Not only does impatience sniff out the fire of optimism in us, but it also lulls reasoning for success. Society has created specifics for all events by putting certain achievements as noble within specific age. You will be successful at your time.



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